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5 Tips to Host your Very Own Cookie Decorating Party

With a little planning ahead, there’s lots of fun to be had when you host your own cookie decorating party! These 5 must-know tips make it oh-so-easy…and even less messy!

  1. Lay the foundation.

    Roll out butcher block paper, craft paper or even newspaper to cover the table(s). This sets a great base that you can color on, write directions on, not worry about getting messy... and when it's all over, roll up all the mess and toss! Easy set-up, easy clean-up.

    Pro tip: You can use a roll of butcher block paper for SO many things! From wrapping presents, to tablescapes and more.

  2. Bake the cookies ahead of time.

    In order to decorate properly, cookies have to be well cooled. Probably the most "plan-ahead" part of this party. Even if you do it the morning of, make sure to bake up the cookies ahead of time so they're ready to frost when the party begins!

    Busy mom tip: The fun of this cookie decorating party is just that... decorating the cookies together. So if you don't have time, don't sweat it; just pick up some plain cookies from a local bakery. Check your Publix bakery when you're out picking up the toppings and snacks.

  3. Provide LOTS of fun toppings.

    Speaking of toppings, have a lot of them to choose from! For kids especially, the most fun part of decorating a cookie is seeing how much they can pile on top of it! From colored frostings to candies and sprinkles, to the unexpected like Rold Gold Pretzels or General Mills cereals... set it all out and let imaginations run wild!

    How cute are these pretzels for reindeer antlers?! Or using Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to make shingles for a gingerbread house cookie would be so adorable too!

  4. Have a snack available.

    Let's face it, we all love to snack. With a sweet-inducing cookie decorating party, I like to offer a few salty snacks to dig into. Of course, the pretzels on the table serve as a good option. We also love popcorn like the Smartfood Popcorn you can grab at Publix. And while you're picking up a snack, don't forget something to wash it all down. Capri Sun Organic Juice Drinks are a great choice, especially since you can place one at each station.

  5. Create a space for each person's station.

    That brings us to our last tip, create a space for each person to create! My kids love when I set out a clear boundary for them, like a small tray or a large plate. They aren't afraid to make a mess or create there, because it's their own space.

    Pro tip: Add a small spatula, or even a spoon, for kids to spread out frosting.

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