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Create a cool playdate with Pool Float Musical Chairs

Got a crowd of kids? Then you’ve probably got a zoo of pool floats! We’ll show you how to take the excitement of musical chairs outside with this wet and wildly fun version of a classic party game!

  1. With summer break comes lots of playdates. The neighborhood kids seem to travel in packs, which makes my heart very happy, but also calls for our snack cabinet to be well stocked. I hear “I’m hungry” or “I’m thirsty” nonstop. My go-to’s at Publix are always Capri Sun Juice pouches, Frito-Lay Variety Packs, and Betty Crocker Gushers. These 3 products keep everyone happy with their favorite sweet or salty treats, including mommy!

    And speaking of keeping everyone happy…

    …our favorite indoor game that we bring outside with a fun summer twist is Pool Float Musical Chairs.

    If you have a pool or live close to a lake or ocean, you likely have a collection of giant pool floats. We’ve lived in Florida for 2 years and between the pool and beautiful beaches, we have collected a small zoo of pool animals. So we pull them out of the pool and start the musical fun! On the really hot days, we add a sprinkler to the center and throw down a tarp under the floats, which makes the game even more fun.

    However, we’ve played this game at night and on cloudy days without the water and the kids still think it’s the coolest game to play.

    It usually ends with the kids laying on the floats, chilling out with a snack and drink, enjoying the summer afternoon. It makes for a perfect everyday fun occasion.

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