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Family Holiday Movie Night

Part of what makes the holidays magical is getting together to watch your favorite classic movies. So cozy up! We’ll help you create warm and wonderful movie night memories with a seasonal twist!

  1. Pick one night each holiday week and designate it “Family Holiday Movie Night”…hand out little reminder “invitations” to family members the morning of.

  2. Take turns picking the movie! You can draw straws, or draw up a “movie picking schedule” to eliminate any disagreements over choices.

  3. Plan the snacks! NEED RECIPE USING HEINZ MAYO

  4. Create ambience…turn off or dim the lights. If strands of lights are part of your holiday décor, make sure they’re on and twinkling! This can take the place of a fire in the fireplace, if it’s too warm where you live.

  5. Make sure everyone has a favorite fuzzy item in hand to snuggle with…whether it be a blanket, pillow or other special “lovey.”

  6. Warm up those hands and tummies with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, and freshly baked Quaker’s Best Oatmeal Cookies.

  7. Feet need to be cozy, too! Find cute, inexpensive holiday themed socks, and surprise your audience with new pairs each time.

  8. Keep the movie a secret until you press play…challenge others to guess what movie was selected by having the “chooser” dress up like the main character, or act out the title. You can even hand out a small prize to the “winner!”

  9. Clear a spot for your pets! They might not care about the movie, but they love to get their holiday cuddles in also!

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