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FroYo YOPLAIT® TRIX™ Yogurt Layer Pops

Cool off on a warm day with these super-easy layered pops.


  • containers (4 oz. each) YOPLAIT® TRIX™ strawberry banana bash yogurt (or any other flavor)

  • Tbsp. TRIX™ cereal


  1. Remove foil lids from yogurt containers; discard lids. Remove half of yogurt from each container. Sprinkle cereal in each container. Spoon yogurt back on top of cereal; containers will be full.

  2. Cover containers with foil; insert TRIX® frozen ring stick through center of foil into each container of yogurt.

  3. Place upright in freezer 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Run lukewarm water over outside of yogurt container 20 to 30 seconds. (DO NOT MICROWAVE.) Remove foil. Gently twist and pull stick to remove pop. To reuse sticks, wash only by hand; do not put in dishwasher.

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