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How to Pack the Perfect Cooler

When you want to Go Places, you can’t run on empty! Learn some quick and easy secrets to filling up the perfect portable cooler for the beach, road trips, or anywhere your summer travels take you!

  1. Choose easy-to-tote, individually bagged treats like Frito-Lay Variety Sacks. BONUS: use the empty Sack as an extra garbage bag!

  2. Store sunscreen in your cooler and apply for a refreshing and protective revive.

  3. Freeze plastic water bottles and let them defrost slowly in your cooler…you’ll always have a cold drink on hand!

  4. Sturdy plastic sandwich containers keep sandwiches from getting squashed, and double as storage for taking home all those found treasures, like seashells and special rocks.

  5. Put the freeze on the heat with frozen Yoplait Go-Gurts. Throw them in the freezer for a few hours for a creamy, frosty treat…they can also help prolong the chill of ice packs!

  6. Snacks like Planters P3 Portable Protein Packs fit perfectly into cooler corners, and into your busy day!

  7. Moms and Dads; need a little pick me up after that long drive? Chilled Starbucks Coffee will do the trick nicely!

  8. Pack along cut up fruit and crumbled Quaker Breakfast Flats and add them to a cup of Yoplait Yogurt for a portable parfait.

  9. Make sure there’s always enough for everyone! Pack one drink and one snack per person for every two hours of travel.

  10. Sticky hands do not go well with sand, or car interiors. Keep wet wipes and paper towels handy!

  11. Garbage bags aren’t just for trash…throw those wet, sandy, or muddy clothes and shoes in!

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