Go Places!

Scrapbook Your Summer Travels

Oh, the memories you’ll make when you Go Places this summer! Lest you forget a single second, we’ve got crafty tips and tricks for bringing the whole gang together for snacking and scrapbooking.

  1. Make it a pot-luck Crop session! Have everyone bring one or two craft items (like photo edges and buttons) to share!

  2. Feed their creativity! Set up a parfait bar with a variety of Yoplait Yogurt flavors, cut up fruit and crumbled Quaker Breakfast Flats, and Breakfast Squares.

  3. Give every guest their own scrap bag using brown paper bags decorated with their names. Affix them to the edges of a table, and they make great place cards, too!

  4. When it comes to snacks, the simpler the better and no mess is best. Planters Cashew Halves, or regular Mixed Nuts, are cut out for the job!

  5. Clean hands are a must when handling photos and other important mementos. Keep baby wipes and paper towels handy.

  6. Prevent spillage on precious projects. Drinks with screw caps, like Naked Juice and KeVita MasterBrew Kombucha Sparkling probiotics and tonics, are picture perfect!

  7. At the end of your Crop, go around the table and ask each person to share the memories on their favorite scrap book page.

  8. Feeling charitable? Donate unused craft items from your party to a local pre-school.

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