Take it outside

Set the scene for brunch outside!

It’s a little bit breakfast, a little bit lunch…and when you bring it outside, it’s a whole lot of fun! Our tips and tricks make it easy to treat your family without adding extra work to your plate!

  1. Want your outdoor brunch to be extra pretty? The answer is flowers! Pick up a bouquet or two at your local Publix, and break them apart, cut the stems and place them in mason jars for simple, rustic centerpieces.

  2. For a fun, easy way to get the kiddos excited for brunch outside, make some FroYo Yoplait® Trix™ Yogurt Layer Pops the night before. It’s a delicious way to beat the heat, too!

  3. Make clean up a breeze and use paper plates. Or if you plan on making brunch outside a regular event, melamine dishware is an excellent reusable choice: lightweight and unbreakable, they’re made for the outdoors.

  4. Meal bars can be lifesaving for feeding a large crowd: waffles, bagels and oatmeal bars are perfect. Simply set out the main item and offer various toppings. Easy peasy!

  5. If you plan on taking brunch (or other meals) outside often, we have three words for you: reusable ice cubes.

  6. Create pancake kabobs, fruit kabobs or even mini donut kabobs. They’re easy to make and help create serving sizes your family can simply grab and go. And if you’re firing up the grill, Sweet BBQ Chicken Kabobs are a delicious way to rep the lunch part of brunch.

  7. Rethink your serving dishes. If you really want to impress, use flowerpots by lining them first with either a plastic insert or even foil (depending on what you’re putting inside).

  8. Shake up the menu a bit without stressing out: Not Your Typical Breakfast Sandwiches offers a tasty twist on a classic.

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