Game On!

Tips for an awesome night of board games

From the classic to the new, board games have recently made a comeback. The key to a fun board game night is making the games age appropriate, the snacks good and the atmosphere light. We’re here to help!

  1. Remember that you can have guests play multiple board games at once. Maybe the children play one while the adults play another. Set up game stations that allow guests to choose what’s right for them!

  2. Comfort is essential. When settling in for a night of competition, guests don’t want to worry about their backs, so make sure chairs and tables are properly cushioned.

  3. Make snacking easy for people by placing little cups filled with Honey-Glazed Mixed Nuts on game tables.

  4. Unplug for the evening. Ask guests to either turn off their phones or if they need to be available, set ringers to vibrate. If trivia games are on the schedule, ask them to put their phones into a basket to help avoid the temptation to look up some answers!

  5. Do you have games that are missing so many pieces that they’ve become useless? Use those pieces for décor! Put some game pieces into a clear mason jar and use as a centerpiece.

  6. Keep track of your Gatorade or Propel! Download this template and print it on blank white shipping labels (2” x 4”). Set them out near the drink station with markers, so players can write their names and label their drinks.

    Download file
  7. You can get crazy and create your own life-sized board game. Tape construction paper to the floor to signify spaces and set up fun display along the way! This could be especially fun for the younger kids and can help them learn colors and numbers, getting their whole bodies involved!

  8. Grab some gift cards from Publix to hand out as prizes! It’ll help everyone take their games a little more seriously—and make them want to come back next time.

  9. If teams are needed, you may want to choose teams by pulling names out of a hat. This will help prevent hurt feelings, especially if kids are participating.

  10. Every game night has to have Chex® Mix, of course. Try our Chex Barbecue Snack Mix. It’s a winner!

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