Go Places!

Tips for Beating the Heat

Warmer summer months heat up the challenges of staying cool during favorite activities. No sweat! We’ve got some breezy tips that will keep everyone happy and ready to Go Places!

  1. Put the freeze on the heat with frozen Yoplait Go-Gurts. Throw them in the freezer for a few hours…out pop portable, creamy, frosty treats!

  2. Take advantage of the cooler time of the day by planning trips or activities for earlier in the morning, or later afternoon hours.

  3. Go lightly with your clothing! Loose-fitting, light-colored fabrics are best…and naturally cool cotton is always a great option.

  4. Store lotions, like sunscreen and moisturizer, in your cooler and apply for a refreshing and protective revive.

  5. Cool baths and showers are a great pick-me-up…and a fun indoor activity on those extra-hot days that make inside the best place to go!

  6. Hats are a must for keeping sun off your head and out of your eyes. Try this chilly trick! Fill your hat with a few squirts of cold water, then invert on your head.

  7. Carry battery-powered spray fans for use at a hot moment’s notice.

  8. Snack on smaller, lighter meals, like Nature Valley Bars and Mott’s Fruit Snacks. They’re always good to go!

  9. Infants and elderly heat up faster than older children and adults, so keep an eye out for signs of dehydration.

  10. Don’t forget Fido! If you’re feeling hot, your dog is too. Seek shade and always have cold water on hand for your pup.

  11. Start your day with a refreshing Breakfast Parfait, made with Quaker Breakfast Flats.

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