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Tips for a crazy fun card game night

Few things are more classic than a night of card games. With endless possibilities, fans of all ages can join in the fun, making card games the perfect theme for a family (or friend!) get-together.

  1. Buy multiple card decks, especially if little ones will be around. Trust us. You’ll need them.

  2. Get a card game book, and choose 2–3 games, depending on the ages of your players. Remember that the adults can play Euchre or bridge, while the kids can enjoy some go fish. It’s a great way for children to learn matching, numbers and colors.

  3. Save everyone from losing their Capri Sun or Gatorade! Download this template and print it on blank white shipping labels (2” x 4”). Set them out near the drink station with markers, so players can write their names and label their drinks.

    Download file
  4. Use disposable plates and cutlery. If you stay with the red and black theme, you’ll instantly add a flavor of décor to your card game night. Not to mention, the clean up will be super easy.

  5. To prevent your guests from becoming famished halfway through a heated game of poker, place some Cucumber Tomato Feta Topped Rice Cake noms within reach.

  6. Speaking of easy decorations, hang some red, black and white streamers. Tape it at one end and twist as you fasten the other end. Add some balloons to really spice things up!

  7. A quick and easy dip? Set out some BBQ Chicken Dip and tortilla chips. Easy peasy.

  8. Keep some prizes on hand! They don’t have to be expensive either. On the contrary, the cheesier the better.

  9. End the evening with a sweet treat. Our Domino Brownies will send everyone home with a smile.

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