Take it outside

Tips for getting crazy crafty outside!

You don’t need a traditional craft table to make creativity happen. Take your family’s next project outside and watch their imaginations bloom. Our tips and tricks make it easy!

  1. Picnic tables are perfect, but nothing beats a shady spot under a tree. Lay down an easy-to-clean plastic table cloth and use rocks to keep it from blowing away.

  2. Mother Nature has everything at the ready! For crafts like flower wreath weaving, rock painting and making dream catchers, send the kids out in search parties for supplies!

  3. Invite the neighbors for a shadow drawing contest! Let some be the drawers, while the others close their eyes then guess which shadow belongs to who.

  4. When in the wild, do what the wild things do…print, cut out and decorate these frightfully adorable animal masks. Don’t forget the tape and string!

    Download Animal Mask Template
  5. Try Apple Sauce Crumble to fuel little artists with a quick boost of sweet inspiration.

  6. Keep wipes and paper towels handy for easy clean up, and a trash bag for keeping the environment as you left it.

  7. Know all those messy crafts, like SLIME, you grin and bear indoors? Unleash that mess outside…throw in some shaving cream, finger paints and chalk while you’re at it!

  8. Don’t let those artists go unknown! Print these fun name plates and glue them on, or place them near, each work of art. Art show anyone?

    Download Name Plate Template
  9. Stop for a drink! Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters Flavored Water Beverages are the perfect portable refresher for thirsty crafters!

  10. Carry a little “Just in Case” bag of bug spray, sunblock and bandages along. You can assemble it easily ahead of time at Publix.

  11. End your day with refreshing FroYo Yoplait® Trix™ Yogurt Layer Pops and a splash under the hose!

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